How much does a custom strap cost?

The price of the custom made strap will depend on the type of leather and any other special additions. As a guide though, we will charge the same price as the standard web price plus an additional 10 euros for a custom length or special hole positioning or different stitch colour or 20 euros for any ...

August 6, 2015

Can I make a custom strap order ?

Yes – we are always happy to help our customers get the perfect strap and are happy to assist any way we can. Custom orders usually take 14 days from confirmation of order specification to time of shipping. Contact us by email and we will help you get your perfect strap made just the way you w ...

August 6, 2015

Can you sew in my own buckle if I send it to you?

If you have a special buckle of your own that you wish to have sewn in then please contact us and we will sew-in as a special custom order at time of manufacture for a surcharge of 10 euros. If you order more than one strap then this is a service we will provide free of charge. It usually takes 10-1 ...

August 6, 2015

Do I need to order a buckle ?

Some of our straps come with a sewn-in buckle included in the price but most straps give the option to buy with or without a buckle. You can choose any buckle from our range of quality buckles then add to your order at the time of purchasing the strap. Often we recommend a certain style or type of b ...

August 6, 2015

What size strap should I order ?

The width of the strap depends on the model of watch you have – you will need to measure the width between the watch lugs (where the strap is joined to the watch head) and see if you require a 20mm/ 22mm/24mm/26mm/27mm wide strap. The length of your strap depends on the size of your wrist and ...

August 6, 2015

What if the strap I want is not in stock?

If the strap is not in stock and the delay will be longer than one week then we will contact you to let you know and give an estimate of when it will be ready.

August 6, 2015

Are your straps hand sewn ?

Some are hand sewn by Roberto, a master craftsmen in the Tuscan Countryside and others are machine sewn to very highest standards and with incredible attention to detail and accuracy by skilled artisan makers. All are made in Italy using only Italian materials and skilled Italian craftsmen to the hi ...

March 15, 2014

Where does the leather come from ?

We use only the absolute finest Italian leather and exotic skins sourced individually from small artisan tanneries ONLY in Italy. All exotic skins are from approved tanneries,legally compliant and ethically sourced.

March 15, 2014

How long will it take before my strap is shipped ?

We usually have the size you order in stock.Our aim is to ship your strap withinย 48 hours of receiving your order. If you order at the weekend it will be 48 hours from the start of the next working day.

February 26, 2014