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Created out of the same premium leather we use for our Michelangelo and Alchemista straps, our new Absinthe strap perfectly matches green superluminova dial markers.The colour deepens, darkens and then a more miltary character emerges with more complex shades. The leather develops its natural patina over the first few months and continues to improve with regular wear.
The “Green Fairy” appeared to those that drank too much of the potent green intoxicant. Absinthe was the daily drink of artists such as Toulouse Lautrec and Gaugin – The decorative spoons used to drip water through sugar into the Absinthe inspired our stylish Absinthe spoon patterned buckle and evoke the stylish hedonism of ” La Belle Epoque.” – The perfect companion for the Absinthe strap

thickness 4mm  – treated edges – 6 oval holes starting at 4,5cm from lugs

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