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The Borgia Strap
Feudal Italy in the 15th Century saw one Family rise to power. A time of plotting and intrigue – the Borgia Family ruled with ruthlessness and political cunning.
Our new Borgia strap is hand crafted from the same superior quality leather as our Michelangelo and Absinthe straps so it will develop a deep, rich patina over time. The color is a unique shade between Chianti and Lead and can best be described as………… intriguing. The contrast grey stitch perfectly compliments your steel watch case and the quality will endure as long as the Borgia Family ruled over Italy.
Dressy Buckle

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Whithout, With


120-75, 120-70, 125-75, 130-80, 130-85, 140-85, 150-90


Ecrù, Matchings


3.5 mm, 4 mm

Type Buckle

Black PVD, NO BUCKLE, Polished steel, Unfinshed steel


22-22, 24-22, 24-24, 26-22, 26-26, 27-24

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