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Succeeding our legendary Michelangelo strap, we present our all new Davide strap.
Sharing the same supreme quality and character of its predecessor, the Davide is also going to please many connoisseurs of fine Italian traditional craftsman made leather. The kind of leather that comes alive with time and reveals its true beauty over the months and years ahead.
With a more autumnal, chestnut, reddish undertone than the Michelangelo, this new Davide strap will develop an incredibly complex and rich,deep, nutty, chocolate brown patina with time and use. Our new master craftsman made strap is the epitome of Italian tradition,quality and enduring beauty – Davide will transform into a truly wonderful peerless watch strap.

Screw in shining bronze buckle

Thickness 4mm 

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Whithout, With


120-70, 125-75, 130-80, 140-85, 150-90


22-22, 24-22, 24-24, 26-22, 26-26, 27-24

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