HUNTER Prevendome Style

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Our two beautiful HUNTER Italian, calf leather straps are inspired by the local “Cacciatore” and the colours of Tuscany Woodland where they stalk the wild, often dangerous, local Game – The subtle, country thatch texture of this premium, soft Italian calf Leather will become more complex and nuanced as the patina develops, deepens and reveals all the shades of a truly first class Italian leather hide .

Made in Italy by artisan craftsmen to the highest standards – do not hesitate to secure your HUNTER strap as hide availability is sporadic. Take aim and pull the trigger on this classic, versatile strap…….. or you may have to wait til next season to try again to mount this great strap.

The tree bark, woodland brown hues of the Boar color HUNTER strap or the more Golden, forest honey tone of the Stag -HUNTER strap will equally grace most models of Panerai . The HUNTER range can give a complex, vintage “sportsman” look to your favorite model Panerai.

Prevendome sewn in Buckle

Additional information


Whithout, With


Brown, Honey


120-70, 125-75, 130-80, 140-85


22-22, 24-22, 24-24, 26-22, 26-26, 27-24

Type Buckle

Black PVD, Brown, NO BUCKLE, Polished steel, Unfinshed steel


3 mm, 3.5 mm

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