RED Salvataggio

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A signal red Bruno Leather Diver Strap – thick,soft and supple and suitable for using in the water- Inspired by the bright red vests and shorts worn by Italyโ€™s rescue divers who patrol the beaches of Italy throughout the summer keeping everyone safe. A thick supple waterproof strap with a grey contrast stitch which brings a statement color to your Panerai watch.

Sewn in Vintage buckle or without buckle

Additional information


Whithout, With

Type Buckle

Vintage brown PVD, NO BUCKLE, vintage pencil black, vintage polished, vintage unfinished


5mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm


Dark grey, black, light gray, Matchings, off-white, white


20-18, 20-20, 22-20, 26-24, 27-22, 27-26, 40mm, 22-22, 24-22, 24-24, 26-22, 26-26, 27-24


115-70, 120-75, 125-75, 130-75, 130-80, 130-85, 140-85, 150-90

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