Vecchio Toscano

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The “Old Tuscan” is a strap steeped in the tradition and craftsmanship of Tuscan Leather and the Artisans that work with the world-renowned natural hide

Tuscan barrel-dyed Leather is Hand washed and aged before being hand-sewn, one stitch at a time by a Master Leather Craftsmen – needle and thread, one stitch at a time NO Machines.

A sewn in brushed steel curved buckle completes the Vecchio Toscano Strap

The result is a strap 100% hand made in

Tuscany – I T A L Y that will bring the tradition of Tuscan Leather to your wrist and your Panerai watch.

Sewn in unfinished sewn in buckle- Trifolder construction  4,5- 4mm thick



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